Personally, I advise people to flip the norm: You should think of the vegetables as the main course and the meat as your side.

Hydrogenated fats are fats added in a lab by chemists to food to make its shelf life longer. So basically, the harder your margarine is, the longer takes to melt, and the more hydrogenated/trans fats. That’s why it’s soft margarines or bust.

Anonymous asked:
I have read that some fruits and vegetables that resemble body parts are good for those body parts. Can you make posts related to it?

So are you like…saying that cucumbers are good for

and peaches are good for

Yeahhhhhhhh I’m pretty sure not that’s not legit but I’ll read up on it?

You should have at least a small carby snack before a morning workout. The guideline for waiting (when you can work your hardest and glucose is most available) is as follows:
Big meals. Wait 3-4 hours before exercising.
Small meals. Wait 2-3 hours before exercising.
Snacks. Wait an hour before exercising.

Anonymous asked:
This is probably a stupid question but people say bread is really heavy and makes you put on weight, is this true?

lol not a stupid question at all! There are definitely mixed messages going around about bread and the media is mostly to blame.

Basically, bread is like any other starch: It’s full of carbs which causes insulin release which causes fat storage. It’s not just specific to bread. Some athletes eat rice to lose weight because it has the same effect. White bread is particularly dangerous compared to whole grain because it has low levels of fiber and sometimes added sugars.

Basically, you just have to watch how much bread you’re eating and what types. :)

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